Sports coach by passion, I trained* in sports coaching 4 years ago in parallel, I created Run For Fit, with the aim of guiding you to your best version through sports in general and running in particular. Trained as a lawyer, I realized that I needed more passion on a daily basis in my work. For a long time I had the wish to concretize my passion in a professional way. It’s been 4 years that I put body and soul in the goal of moving Brussels and the greatest number through my sports coaching services in companies, private and collective. SinceI have managed to motivate and train thousands of people to cross their finish line! Indeed, I wake up every morning with enthusiasm knowing that I will coach you in the parks or in the forest. Combining in this way also my wish to be outside (and not in an office from 9 to 5), surrounded by motivated people, aware that their health is a priority, so that they can continue to take care of their loved one.

In this sense, my approach to coaching is based on a sustainable approach


By coaching you, I hope that sports practice will become part of your weekly routine


By having a sports routine, you will automatically be closer to your body


By being closer to your body, and therefore being more attentive to what it really needs, both in terms of food and rest


By eating better, you will be (even) more aware of what you have on your plate, by being more attracted to local and unprocessed products


By eating better, by hydrating well, you will sleep better and therefore be in better shape, at home, at work, and have (even) more confidence in yourself


You will discover an unexplored potential


you will get better after each session even through the ups and downs


and all this will give you the natural desire to (re)start your session

A healthy body in a healthy mind,
start with a first step, why not with me ;)?

My trainings



My values

Sustainable sports coaching is based on the following principles

Sport performances

800 m

Best time

2 min 29 sec

2017 - Leuven

5 km

Best time

16 min 58 sec

2016 - Brussels


Since 2011 - Best time

1 h 39 min

2018 - Brussels


Since 2012 - Best time

3 h 45 min

2019 - New York
(I ran 6 marathons so far )


Longer distance

35 km
2000 m D+
in 5h

Best memories

in sport

I have many but here is my TOP 3


Brussels marathon 2012

Running this distance for the first time in my capital. Thanks to a good training, and an ideal weather, I had good feelings all along the course. 


New York marathon

Having lived in this mythical city, I was happy to be able to return there with an RFF team that I had been coaching for 1 year. The race was just like the city, magical, energetic and unforgettable. The party, the crowd along the course carries you to the finish.


Trail Dernier Homme Debout

(Andenne, Belgique)

Do a 7 km loop with 400 m of D+ in Max 60 min and a maximum of loops possible. I did 6 of them but the last loop not in the hour… trail known in this small world for its original concept. There was a special atmosphere that lasted until the end of the night because the last runner (the last man standing) finished at 5 am.

My mission

Reach your goal together,
without injury and with a smile!